Vein Ablation Surgery

Vein Ablation Surgery: the VNUS Closure System

The VNUS Closure is a radiofrequency ablation system specifically designed for venous ablation (vein removal surgery). Vascular surgeons at NYU have found the VNUS Closure highly effective in treating varicose veins.

VNUS Closure surgery takes the place of surgical vein stripping. VNUS surgery is a less invasive procedure performed in the outpatient setting, with fewer incisions and shorter recovery time.

During the VNUS procedure, the surgeon:

  1. locates and maps the saphenous vein (main leg vein)
  2. inserts a catheter into the saphenous vein
  3. flushes the blood out of the vein with an injection of anesthetic fluid and saline
  4. delivers radiofrequency ablation (RF) energy through the catheter to heat the vein walls, shrinking the vein
  5. removes the catheter

Once the catheter is removed, the varicose vein closes and redirects blood flow to healthy veins.

More information about varicose vein and spider vein treatment is available on the Society for Vascular Surgery website.

Vascular Surgery

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Director of Medical Education and the Director of Clinical Research for the NYU Division of Vascular Surgery

Frank J. Veith, M.D.
The First U.S. Surgeon to Perform an Endovascular Aneurysm Repair