Women's Heart Center

NYU Langone Medical Center
522 First Avenue, Smilow 803
New York, NY 10016

Dial 877-698-6331 to make an appointment.

Dial 212-263-9165 to learn more about the Women’s Heart Center and Women’s Health Network.


Eugenia Gianos, M.D.

Nieca Goldberg, M.D., Director, Women's Heart Center 

Harmony Reynolds, M.D.

Our Vision

We’re becoming the heart health advocate women need—developing programs exclusively for them.

The NYU Women’s Heart Center has been developed with a woman’s physiology and lifestyle in mind. Because so many of our cardiac and vascular physicians are women, this is a program for women created by women. Our goal is to identify cardiovascular disease at any point of contact—from the gynecologist’s office to the primary care physician. We’ve developed medical protocols and guidelines just for women. By becoming more proactive, we’ll intervene early, referring women to the appropriate cardiac specialist. We’ll facilitate appointments to a cardiologist. And offer education all along the way. By helping women get the care they need when they need it—and by helping them understand the unique symptoms of a heart attack and other cardiovascular-related diseases—we can make a significant difference in improving their heart health and the quality of their lives.

There is no better place to develop advanced heart programs for women than an academic clinical setting. Our comprehensive and interdisciplinary programs bridge the gap between the laboratory and the clinic, setting the stage for extraordinary advances in care. Our doctors, researchers, nurses, and other talented health care professionals collaborate to ensure that each woman’s care is the best it can be. We treat the whole person, not just the disease.

Cardiovascular disease is not just a man’s disease

It’s the number-one killer of women, accounting for 32 percent of all deaths per year. In fact, twice as many women die every year from heart disease than from all types of cancer combined, including breast cancer.

Since 1984, more women than men have died from cardiovascular disease. And there is no previous evidence in 63 percent of the women who suddenly die. Why? Women’s lives have changed. Stress on the job and at home has led to multitasking that often isn’t healthful.

Women have assumed that their gender protects them from heart disease. A lack of knowledge about the risk of stress, smoking, lifestyle abits and other behaviors is hurting women. Although heart disease is diagnosed more in women ages 40 to 60, it develops gradually and can start at a young age. Hormones and age also affect the risks of heart disease. It’s important for women to understand their risks now to reduce their chances of getting heart disease tomorrow.

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